Knytkalaset's Åke Björsell

Åke Björsell saw Jan Brink ride for the first time at Flyinge more than 30 years ago and that was the beginning of a very long-lasting cooperation.

Åke sold his company Björsells AB in 1997 and then decided to do something more for Swedish dressage. Together Åke & Jan created the idea of Knytkalaset where the focus was on dressage talents - riders and not horses since horses come and go but knowledge is forever! At that time Kyra was the most popular trainer in Sweden and was about to leave the country. With Knytkalaset her knowledge could be preserved for the sake of the future sport in Sweden.

Åke’s thoughts were clear and effective - there should be demands on the results of the riders and only Kyra, Åke & Jan were to decide ”how, when and who”. The results have been many and today Knytkalaset is an internationally recognised concept.