Liane Wachtmeister


Born: 1949

Horses: Santana -00 (Sandro Hit-Grannus), Donovan -96 (Zephyr-Rex)

Competition results: VC-90, EC Hickstead, SC victory and a number of 1st, 2nd and 3rd placements with various horses. Has trained and educated horses and students up to Grand Prix. Is the trainer of Knytkalasets ”greenhouse” venture, the Plantskola in the Northern region.

Goal: I want to transform my young Donovan into a fine Grand Prix horse. In the long-term I wish to experience an Olympic Game.

Driving force: Everything! I am full of energy, will, joy and persistence with with everything that has to do with horses!

Strength & weakness as a rider: I love horses. It is the love to them that is both my strength and my weakness.

Trains for: I have had many different trainers through time. Everything from Walter Christensen, Herberth Rehbein, Georg Otto Hauser, Hans Helge Rasmusen, Patrik Kittel… You name it!

Me and Knytkalaset

What Knytkalaset gives to me: Kyra’s training is priceless and irreplaceable. It is about the technique of riding, philosophy, unity, demand, result, report on aim, reflection and follow-up.

Kyra is magnificent when it comes to how to sit in the saddle and the affect of the aids. She never surrenders, she is persistent, creative and has an experimental mind that can always find a solution to all kind of problems and questions, both with the horse and the rider.

Competition results

Results: Liane has competed international Grand Prix for many years and competed among others at the World Championship in 1990 and was selected for the European Championship in 2003. Liane has won a Swedish Championship gold medal and has several victories and placements on various horses. Liane has furthermore educated many horses and students up to Grand Prix.

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