Åke Björsell was a founder of Knytkalaset and the sole sponsor for a number of years. In 2008 Knytkalaset came in contact with the bank EFG International and ideas for a development of the Nursery commenced.

EFG International became a main sponsor in 2009 and the Nursery was founded. A few years later the clothing brand Gina Tricot went in as an additional main sponsor.

Since then we have two main sponsors and a number of minor sponsors have been welcomed during the years.

Saab AB has entered as a main sponsor in 2016 with a great investment in Swedish dressage and in 2020 the leading hotel property company Pandox took over as a main sponsor after many years with Gina Tricot.

As of 1st of January 2021 Saab handed over the reins as main sponsor to the company FAM AB. Fam is a private company that is owned by the Wallenberg foundations and Fam has handed over the marketing exposure as a sponsor of Knytkalaset and the Nursery to the a company in their portfolio Kivra.

WIth this amazing support from the sponsors, the Knytkalas and Nursery gets the opportunity to develop and educate more horses and riders for the sport of dressage both nationally and internationally.

Main sponsors:
Kivra (Fam AB)

Minor sponsors:
Equestrian Stockholm
Åke Björsell

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