Åke Björsell was a founder of Knytkalaset and the sole sponsor for a number of years. In 2008 Knytkalaset came in contact with the bank EFG International and ideas for a development of the Nursery commenced.

EFG International became a main sponsor in 2009 and the Nursery was founded. A few years later the clothing brand Gina Tricot went in as an additional main sponsor and several minor sponsors have been welcomed since then.

Recently Saab AB has entered as a main sponsor with a great investment in Swedish dressage.

WIth this amazing support from the sponsors, the Knytkalas and Nursery gets the opportunity to develop and grow both nationally and internationally.

2016-08/1472556642_saab-pms.jpg http://www.ginatricot.com/se/sv/start 2015-05/bj-rsells-logga2.jpg http://www.marietorpridsport.se