Knytkalas events

The Knytkalas students are very active and are working for the development of dressage internationally, among others by doing clinics, presentations, shows, articles etc.

For a long time Kyra Kyrklund has been the chairman of the International Dressage Riders Club and a member of FEI’s Dressage Committee. Both Jan Brink and Kyra do lecture deminstrations to large audiences a couple of times a year.

At the Global Dressage Forum in Holland 2013, Jan, Kyra and Liane did a Knytkalas clinic together with the Nursery students Marina Mattsson, Anna Zibrandtsen and Emelie Aldenfalk.

The Knytkalas with Jan, Marina & Anna also did a clinic in Denmark for the Friends of Dressage foundation about the Knytkalas/Plantskole concept that has started to be noted abroad.

The Nursery students Mathilde Hannell & Marina Mattsson did an evening show at the Borås Grand Prix.