Knytkalaset as a training camp

The Knytkalas members get together 6-8 times a year for a 2-day training camp at Jan Brink’s Tullstorp in Southern Sweden. Knytkalas trainer Kyra Kyrklund flies in from England the evening before in order to be in place when the training sessions commence the next morning.

For two days, training and social relations is the main focus with a lot of riding and theoretical training, social lunches and dinner for the students staying overnight. Everything from details such as the contact with the outer rein in the pirouettes to the new rising star in the stable, planning competitions and a lot more outside the world of horses is discussed.

Further to the training itself, the Knytkalas training camp is also important for their social network; the students can profit from each other’s experiences, it enhances the team spirit and creates a feeling of security for the students. A security that they can bring to the competitions, where they can support each other both as a pair of additional eyes at the warm-up but also mentally when supporting and cheering for each other.