What is the Nursery?

The “Nursery” of Knytkalaset is a well tailored project that started in 2009. The purpose of the Nursery Project is to spot, help and develop talented riders at an early age.

There are at the moment two Nurseries in Sweden, one in the south at Tullstorp and one in the northern region close to Stockholm. Each Nursery has around 10 students who all meet 6-8 times a year and train for the trainer of the region. At the moment the age of the students is primarily from 17 to 25 years of age.

The aim of the concept is to develop and increase the number of riders at a national level, regardless of the category. By raising the level among the young riders, better conditions are created in the long-term for a greater amount of riders to be able to educate more good horses for the future.

The idea is also to have the opportunity to recruit some of the most promising riders from the Nurseries to Knytkalaset.