Anna Zibrandtsen


Born: 1994


Capriciella, mare born 2002 byWenzel I– Cordoba

Domello, gelding born 2003 by Diamond Hit– Lavallo

Detroit, stallion born 2005 by Dimaggio– Lord Liberty G

Rentino, gelding born 2004 by Rosario – De Niro)

Competition results:

EC Young rider 2014 team bronze, individually 4th and 5th placement; 2012 Danish Champion, EC for juniors (Team Bronze); 2011 EC for juniors – 3 medal (Team silver, 1 Bronze individually, 1 Bronze Kür), awarded Talent of the Year 2011.

Goal: i strive to reach the point where I fullfil my outmost potential. To join the Danish senior team in the future and be part of the world elite.

Driving force: Perfectionism, It is never good enough! So far there is always something that I can do better and develop even more. Personally I have always wanted to be the best. Everything or nothing!

Strength & weakness as a rider: Mentally I am a strong rider, I learn easily and I am sensitive without being inactive. My weakness is that I sometimes want all of this too much, I am overambitious.

Trains for: I train for Jan Brink, which I started with in 2011, and since then the development has been huge and it has gone fast! Jan accomplished to develop me and my one horse Capriciella in just 4 competitions to be selected for the EC for juniors and there to win 3 medals. The perfect trainer is somebody that you completely trust, that you look up to and that you want to prove yourself to. Thereby you have the perfect chemistry and that I have with Jan.

Me and Knytkalaset

What the Knytkalas gives to me: Knytkalaset gives me great inspiration (or pressure!) from the other riders in order to develop as a rider. You get new training ideas and se several situations that could happen to you. At the same time it is good to have a profound and solid social network. And of course to have one of the best dressage trainers in the world at your side, it gives room for the best development possible.

Competition results

Results: The Danish Anna has won 5 European Championship medals as a junior- and Young Rider, whereof 2 were individually. She has also won 1 gold- and 2 silver medals at the Danish Championship, won 4 individual medals and 3 team medals at the Nordic Championships as well as won international U25 Grand Prix and national senior Grand Prix. As a 23-year old Anna won a team silver medal at the European Championship for seniors and was placed 6th individually.

Image: 2017-09/1506678918_5194-catharinabrink-vit-.jpg Anna Zibrandtsen & Arlando Anna Zibrandtsen & Arlando Anna Zibrandtsen & Rentino Anna Zibrandtsen & Rentino Anna Zibrandtsen & Dorado Anna Zibrandtsen & Dorado Anna Zibrandtsen & Detroit Anna Zibrandtsen & Rentino Anna Zibrandtsen & Rentino Anna Zibrandtsen & Detroit Anna Zibrandtsen team silver medal at the European Championship for seniors 2017 Anna Zibrandtsen & Capriciella