Sofie Andersson


Born: 1997

Horses: Donna Samba NDS and Dressman 50.

Competition results: Has competed in the national team since I was 12 years old. SC gold medal on pony 2012, SC tean gold pony 2011-2013, junior SC silver medal 2014. Competed at the EC 2011-2014 with an individual 11th placement in 2014. International victories and placements both as a pony and junior rider.

Driving force: I love everything that has to do with horses and riding, and further to this I love to compete.

Goal: To develop as much as I can and that to sometime in future compete at the Olympics.

Strength & weakness as a rider: My strength is that I am patient and is well placed in the saddle. My greatest weakness is that I sometimes may have a little to much will and it happens that I get really disappointed when it does not turn out the way i had in mind.

Trains for: Through the Plantskola for Jan Brink, and at home for my mother Tundi Andersson and Susanne Gielen.

Me and Knytkalaset

What the Nursery gives to me: Besides incredibly good training the Plantskola also gives me inspiration and motivation be training with other good riders around the same age.

Competition results

Results: Sofie has competed in the national team for many years as a pony- and junior rider and with the ponies she has won an individual gold medal in 2012 as well as a team bronze medal at the Nordic Championship in 2011 and a team sllver medal in 2012. Sofie won an individual silver medal at the Swedish Championship for junior riders in 2014 and she has also competed at the European Championship from 2011-2015 where she was in the finals in 2014.

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