Lina Jönsson


Born: 1997

Horses: Barreiro (by United – Balzflug) och Quentin (e. Quattro B - Michelangelo)

Competition results: Pony EC 2012, team silver medal at the NC Pony, Pony SC, bronze and silver team medal SC for pony, individual 5th placement at the Junior NC 2014 and Junior SC. She also competed at the European Championship in France 2015.

Goal: My goal with my riding is to develop as much as possible and to some time in the future compete Grand Prix. A short-term goal is to participate at the Junior EC in 2015.

Driving force: To every day be able to train with the horses and get closer to the goals that I have set.

Strength & weakness as a rider: My strength is that I am very ambitious and goal oriented. I am stubborn and do not give up easily. My weakness is that I sometimes is too inpatient and I train a lot to improve that.

Trains for: Jan Brink since januari 2014. At home in Särö I train for Marie Torwald.

Me and Knytkalaset

What the Nursery gives to me: The Plantskola gives me the opportunity to develop with the best possible help of Jan. I also get a lot of inspiration to see the other good riders.

What I give to the Nursery: To Plantskolan I give an ambitious student that is eager to attend every singe training session and to learn as much as possible. Both through my own riding and others training.

Competition results

Results: Lina has competed with great success as a pony rider and has among others competed at the European Championship for pony in 2012. She has won a team silver medal at the Nordic Championship for ponies and was placed 5th at the Swedish Championship for ponies. As a junior rider she was placed 5th individually at both the Nordic Championship and the Swedish Championship in 2014. In 2015 she competed her first European Championship.

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