Ida-Linn Lundholm


Born: 1991


Night Wish, 2007 by First Wish – Nocturne

Competition results: Victory at the Stallion Performance Test 2012 with Zaladin Mi 1240, victory at the Stallion Performance Test 2013 with Sankt Erik II 1265, competed with several stallion that have been approved at the stallion performance test. Several competitions and placements in the championship for young horses with various horses,placed in the final in Falsterbo 2014 with Sankt Erik II 1265, competed at the World Championship for Young Horses in 2014 with Sankt Erik II 1265

Goal: To always improve. I want to go as far as possible. Of course there is a wish and goal to best in the world and to have an international competition career at the highest level. At the same time I do not measure capability with the amount of championship medals. My goal is to have a profound knowledge and a solid toolbox. To never stop developing and to have the ability to develop, administer and get out the best in as many horses as possible.

Driving force: The love to the horses and the feeling of development and success. To feel that hard work pays of and thereby to be able to reach your goals and to have your wishes come true. I believe that what you really want you can achieve. It is a driving force to experience this, to see others succeed and feel that you are still eager to get better. To have the ability to work in environment that is to concentrated on performance and professionalism as Tullstorp is amazing, inspring and motivating. I love the moment when everything is harmony, I get emotional, touched and proud of the horse.

Strength & weakness as a rider: I am a sensitive, emotional, humble and a thinker. Those are qualities that I highly value and uses a lot in my riding. I try to meet all horses in different ways, at the place where they are in the moment, both in the situation as well as in their education. I am patient, dreamy and yet realistic, which I believe is an advantage in the end. I am very self-critical and came become over-analytic and think too much. I am very detailed and wants control of everything. It can be good but at the same time absolutely be a disadvantage in some situations.

Trains for: Jan Brink.

Me and Knytkalaset

What the Nursery gives to me: I see it as an amazing opportunity and solid base to lean at. I believe that every combination, or in the everyday life, me and every horse I ride, is like a painting where you keep on painting new details with the goal to get a complete picture. The amazing thing is that you do not know how the final picture will look like. The feeling when a detail you did not know existed makes the whole difference is indescribable. I am certain that the Plantskola will help all the combinations to reach the ”complete picture”, as well as see each other and open minded talk about problems, solutions, success and disappointments. The Planskola is inspring and developing, gives you tools to become more independent and competent. I am extremely happy and grateful to be part of the Nursery.

Competition results

Results: Ida-Linn works as a rider at Tullstorp and trains for Jan Brink. She has already won the Swedish Stallion Performance Test in both 2012 and 2013. She has several placements at the championship for young horses, she was int he finals at Falsterbo Horse Show and competed at the World Championship for young horses in 2014.

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