Charlotte Esping


Born: 1980

Horses: Ciwi -00 (Briar-Chirac), Luzy A -06 (Cortus-Damiro) K-Duchess – 07 (Metall-Nocturne)London Pride -05 (Londonderry-Amiral, owner: Annika Lagerström)

Results: Placements up to international Grand Prix dressage with my current first horse Ciwi. Both horses I have educated myself from the ground. An unexpected result might be that I have won the SC in military on pony.

Work: Together with the family Rappestad I run a riding school, I also have my own company where I educate ponies and horses for competition. I am an educated C trainer and have students that I train every week.

Goal: To competed with the national team, currently I am competing in the B group but of course wants to advance to the A group. To someday compete in a championship for Sweden is one of my greatest goals. However, most importantly I want to have fun evert day!

Trains for: Liane in the every day and in the Plantskola, through the Swedish federation I train for Lussan. I have also trained for Hubertus Schmidt in Germany.

Me and Knytkalaset

What the Nursery gives to me: Lots! Liane is an amazing trainer and the feeling of unity that has been created in these years in the group is strong! When we meet at competitions we have a strong coherence and everybody helps everybody.

Competition results

Results: Charlotte runs a dressage training- and education center and has placements up to international Grand Prix. Charlotte educates her competition horses herself from when they are young. Furthermore, Charlotte has also won the Swedish Championship in eventing on pony.

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