Filippa Norrman


Born: 1998

Horses: Candela born 1998 (by First Consul- Electro), H.S Indigo born 2009 (by Skovens Rafael- Wltman), Pearlea born 2009 (by Bocelli- Rambo)

Goals: My dream goal is to compete at the Olympics on a horse that I have educated my self. On a shorter term I aim to place among the best Young Riders and eventually U25.It would also be great take it all the way to Flyinge or Falsterbo with a young horse.

Driving force: I am a competitive person who loves to compete and train but I am also very passionate about constantly develop together with my horses. It is a special feeling to win together with a horse that you have educated yourself.

Strength and weakness: I am very goal oriented and work hard to achieve my dreams, there is not a lot that can stop me. As a rider I am bold and humble, which means that I hardly ever say no to riding new horses and I embrace contructive criticism. As to many others sometimes the will can become to great but I constantly work on becoming a little cooler in those situations.

Trains for: Through the Nursery I train for Liane Wachtmeister. At home I train for my mother mamma Katarina Lundgren and Caroline Darcort. I also receive help from Eric Lette and Louise Nathhorst.

Me and Knytkalaset

Vad plantskolan ger för mig: Plantskolan ger mig bra träningsmöjligheter i ett klimat med duktiga ryttare som främjar min utveckling som ryttare och inspiration och kunskap att ta med sig hem. Jag känner mig hedrad att få tillhöra Plantskolan.

Competition results

Meriter :Ridit Juniorlandslaget 2014-2016, Utveklingstruppen för YR 2017, JSM-brons 2014,Junior Lag NM-silver 2015, flera internationella vinster och placeringar som junior.

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