Emelie Eklund


Born: 1994

Horses: Whoopee, mare born 2002 by Warsteiner – Cesam and Detroit, gelding born 2005 by Don Fredrico – Aarking xx.

Goals: My goal is to become a better rider than yesterday. The most important for me is to develop. I also want to be one of those riders and trainers that actually brings dressage forward. I want to educate horse after horse and student after student to Grand Prix.

Driving forse: My driving forse is my love to the horses and dressage and I am always strive to learn more. To me, dressage is the best thing I can even imagine and to be able to do what I love every day is what drives me as a person. I am also a very competitive person and a perfectionist.

Strength and weakness: My strenght as a rider is my analytical ability that makes me a good troubleshooter and I am good at adapting my riding to the various horses. My strength is also my weakness, sometimes I can become overanalysing.

Trains for: Jeanna Högberg, Karin Öljemark and through the Nursery Liane Wachtmeister.

Competition results

Results: As a young rider I was on the national team and represented Sweden on a number of international competitions, among others the Nordic Championship in 2015 where we won a team silver medal. I have educated several horses up to S class and Whoopee to Grand Prix.

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