Victories and placements for Knytkalas- and Nursery students


This weekend the yearly autumn competitions were held at Djursholm outside Stockholm.

It was a weekend with a number of victories and placements for both Knytkalas- and Nursery students.

First out was the Knytkalas member Charlotte Haid-Bondergaard on Roberto des Frettes (Carinho Des Noes - Boulou Des Frettes) and they were placed 5th in the FEI Intermediaire IB on Friday with 67,50%.

Saturday started with a 3rd placement for the Nursery student Nina Rademaekers & Bizet Gersdorf (Come Back II - Leandro) in the FEI Prix S:t Georges with 70,00%. 4th in the class was the Nursery colleague from the Northern region Emelie Aldenfalk on Winton (Warsteiner - Donnerfly) with 69,781%.

Then it was time for the first group for young riders in the qualifying competition for the Lövsta Future Challenge Cup. Victory it was for the Nursery student Tove Melin on Lortzing (Longchamp - Furinos) with 65,659%. Tove was also placed 2nd on her other horse Dawson 5 (Dark Rubin - Akzent II) with 64,109%. 3rd in the class was the Nursery colleague from the Southern region Mathilde Hannell & Deela Mae. In the next group for young horses Charlotte & Roberto were placed 2nd with 67,674%.

Charlotte then brought home victory in the main class on Saturday, the FEI Grand Prix on Triviant (Olivi - Saluut) with 69,633%.

On Sunday it was victory for Emelie Aldenfalk & Winton with 72,763% i . The day ended with a 5th placement in the FEI Grand Prix Kür for Charlotte & Triviant with 71,708%.

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