Successful weekend for Lina Dolk & Stefan Jansson


The Nursery student Lina Dolk and the Knytkalas student Stefan Jansson competed this weekend at Wermland Equestrian Games Dressyr and it was a weekend filled with success.

Lina commenced with a victory in the Msv B:2 on Thursday on the horse Sevilla (Silvano x Imperator) with 70,930%. Lina was also placed 3rd in the same class on the other horse De-Lazet-Ö (De Noir x Solos Landtinus) with 68,953%. Placed 4th was the Knytkalas student Stefan Jansson on Kitaro SB (Kostolany x Donatelli) with 66,512%. Stefan & Kitaro then won the Msv B:4 with 68,696%.

On Friday Stefan & Kitaro were placed 2nd with 71,667% in the Msv A:1 that was also the first qualifying competition for the Swedish Team Championship. Lina brought home victory in the program for Young Horses on De-Lazet-Ö with 78,70% and even won the Msv C:1 on Sevilla with 72,979%.

On Saturday it was yet another victory in the Msv B:3 on De-Lazet-Ö with 69,375%. Then she made a 3rd placement in the Prix S:t Georges on Jouleen af Högberget (Biggles x Marino) with 68,509%. The Nursery collegaue Filippa Norrman was placed 4th on Candela (Electro x First Consul) with 68,070%.

Stefan & Kitaro finished the meeting with a 2nd placement in the Prix S:t Georges on Sunday with 68,640%.

Image: 2016-08/1472560932_image-7-.jpeg
Lina Dolk Lina Dolk Stefan Jansson & Zidney Stefan Jansson