The Nursery student Anna Zibrandtsen best Dane in Odense


This weekend was the international competitions at JBK Horse Show in Odense, Denmark.

On Saturday the Nursery student Anna Zibrandtsen competed at the CDI U25 Grand Prix. Anna competed the horse Rentino (Rosario - De Niro) and won first the Grand Prix on Saturday with 69,326% and then came 2nd in the kür on Sunday finals with 71,925%.

Even the new Knytkalas member Paulinda Friberg competed in Odense in the senior Grand Prix on the mare Di Lapponia T (Donnerhall - Argument) and was on Saturday placed 6th with 70,360%. In th Grand Prix kür finals on Sunday the combination came 9th with 72,20%.

Image: 2015-10/1445864589_img-0854-kopia-1vt.jpg
Anna Zibrandtsen & Rentino. Foto: Ridehesten Paulinda Friberg & Di Lapponia Paulinda Friberg & Di Lappona