Gina Tricot Grand Prix - Knytkalas and Nursery students are on their way!


This week it is time for this year's great indoor competition in - the Gina Tricot Grand Prix Borås!

During this week's great jumping competitions there is also arranged a popular dressage competition in Borås, the Gina Tricot Dressage Masters where some of the best Swedish dressage riders have been invited to compete.

There will be 6 riders in each age category - junior, Young Rider and senior - and the winner of each category will then meet in a very exciting super final.

This year a total of 6 riders from Knytkalaset and the Nurseries will be competing in the following categories:

Sofie Andersson

Young Riders:
Mathilde Hannell
Emma Jönsson
Lina Jönsson

Charlotte Haid-Bondergaard
Emelie Brolin

Since a number of years, Gina Tricot has been a main sponsor to Knytkalaset and the Nurseries and have been part of developing and inspiring many dressage combinations around the country.

Image: 2017-02/1486380604_logo-gtgp-mail-emblem.png
Sofie Andersson & CSI Mathilde Hannell & Deela Mae Emma Jönsson & Santo Domingo Lina Jönsson & Quentin Charlotte Haid-Bondergaard & Roberto des Frettes Emelie Brolin & Briman