Nursery trainings have commenced in the Northern region


Now the training of the Nursery in the Northern region has commenced.

Last week 2 days of training camp was held at Brolöten with training for Liane Wachtmeister, where both new combinations got a chance to show themselves as coming prospects for the Nursery and the more established Nursery students trained as usual.

We had two lovely days in the autumn sun. Liane was at her best and several Nursery students trained the Grand Prix test. It was really good to see eachother ride the test and then be able to go through it with the trainer and listen and learn from eachother's ride. It was also very educational for the younger students to see the test and to hear the training in connection herewith.

At the evening there was also a dinner for all the overnight guests with a little time at the pool and lots of talk about horses etc.

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