Ebba von Essen 2nd in the Grand Prix kür finals in Oslo


This weekend the dressage cousins Dressyr Essen Mia & Ebba von Essen competed at the international competitions in Oslo, Norway.

On Thursday in the Grand Prix Ebba & Yantuge were placed 3rd with 67,480%. On a 5th placement was Mia & Ferdi with 66,180%.

In the Grand Prix Kür final on Saturday Ebba & Yantuge finished 2nd with 70,050%.

Here is also a nice article on the cousins von Essen in the new number of Cheval Media!

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Ebba von Essen & Yantuge Ebba von Essen & Yantuge Mia von Essen & Ferdi Mia von Essen & Ferdi Ferdi