Several victories and placements for the Nursery and Knytkalas students


This weekend a number of Nursery and Knytkalas students competed at the national competitions in Laholm. We have already mentioned the success of the Jönsson-girls and Sofie Andersson.

Further to this, the Nursery colleague Tove Melin that won the Lätt A:3 on Wednesday on Sababa Balagan (FS Lord Loxley x Akzent II) with 75,174 %.

The Knytkalas student Sofie Lexner won the FEI Prix S:t Georges on Saturday on Red Devil (Don Primero x Chirac) with 71,140% and was placed 2nd on Fairy Tale (Friedensritter x Rosenkavalier) with 70,877%.

The Nursery student Carl Hedin competed the mare Chabot (First Wish x Palermo) in the same class and was placed 4th with 70,044%. Carl & Chabot were then also placed 2nd in the FEI Intermediaire I Kür on Sunday with 72,00%. Carl commented on his ride as follows: "Wonderful feeling to win the last qualifying competition for the Dressyringens Int I Kür-Cup and I am so happy for my cooperation with Ulrika Bynander who is the breeder/owner of my horse Chabot! I am very much looking forward to riding the finals in Linköping to which Ulla Håkanson is one of the initiators. Last year I got to receive her Ajax-Scholarship and I hope that she sees my place in the finals as a receipt for my development."

On Sunday it was a victory in the Msv B:5 for the Knytkalas colleague Stefan Jansson and Loatelli (Loredes x Rubinrot) with 73,163% and a 2nd placement at Kitaro SB (Kostolany x Donatelli) with 71,939%.

Victory in the main class at the competitions Grand Prix went to yet another Knytkalas student Natalie Oldfors & Winnie (Roven xx x Lancer II) with 66,633%.

Image: 2016-08/1472563023_img-9295.jpg
Natalie Oldfors & Winnie Stefan Jansson & Locatelli Tove Melin Sofie Lexner & Valerian