Hippson article on clinic with Jan Brink & Ida-Linn Lundholm


Last week the founder of the Knytkalas, Jan Brink, did a clinic together with the Nursery student Ida-Linn Lundholm, who workds as a rider at Tullstorp.

Jan talked and Ida-Linn showed how they normally introduce the horses at Tullstorp to movements like piaff, piruetter and changes.

The Clinic was parl of a day at Tullstorp together with a cooperation partner that Jan has worked with for many years, Willab AB that introduced a new launch of their brand Hansbo Sport for some of their customers.

Hippson was there the entire day and did a very good article with many great and illustrative photos, take a look here!

Image: 2015-09/1441115396_9661-catharinabrink-hi-1vt.jpg
2015-09/1441115465_9585-catharinabrink-hi-1vt.jpg 2015-09/1441115443_9687-catharinabrink-hi-1vt.jpg 2015-09/1441115472_9669-catharinabrink-hi-1vt.jpg 2015-09/1441115431_9679-catharinabrink-hi-1vt.jpg 2015-09/1441115567_9696-catharinabrink-hi-1vt.jpg 2015-09/1441115418_9688-catharinabrink-hi-1vt.jpg 2015-09/1441115438_9777-catharinabrink-hi-1vt.jpg 2015-09/1441115465_9789-catharinabrink-hi-1vt.jpg 2015-09/1441115474_9773-catharinabrink-hi-1vt.jpg