Friends here we come!


This year's Lövsta Future Challenge Cup final will be held at Friends Arena during Sweden International Horse Show.

LFC is divided into 2 groups, one for young riders where all the riders are under 25 years of age and a group for young horses up to 11 years of age.

During the entire year there has been held 5 qualifying competitions at places all around the country where a number of combinations have competed.

In each group only the best 4 combinations are allowed to competed in the finals at Friends at the end of november.

The last qualifying competition was held last weekend at Djursholm and it is now clear which 8 riders will be competing at Friends, and among these 3 of the riders are from Knytkalaset and the Nursery.

The riders in question are:
Nursery student Mathilde Hannell & Deela Mae
Nursery student Tove Melin & Dawson 5
Knytkalas member Charlotte Haid-Bondergaard & Roberto des Frettes

Image: 2015-09/1442405744_img-0990-low-.jpg
2015-09/1442405741_1384820-717707498284322-929951874-n-kopia-2.jpg 2015-09/1442405749_1384820-717707498284322-929951874-n-kopia-.jpg 2015-09/1442405746_10515035-679775258744213-274442317-n-kopia.jpg 2015-09/1442405750_10705315-717707544950984-1929918778-n.jpg 2015-09/1442405770_img-0365-kopia-1vt.jpg 2015-09/1442405787_img-0436-kopia-1vt.jpg 2015-09/1442405822_img-9442-kopia-kopia-1vt.jpg 2015-09/1442405792_img-2562-hi-1vt.jpg 2015-09/1442405806_img-2625-hi-1vt.jpg 2015-09/1442405826_img-2672-hi-1vt.jpg 2015-09/1442405729_img-4171-hi-res-1vt.jpg 2015-09/1442405731_img-4138-hi-res-1vt.jpg 2015-09/1442405847_img-6989.jpg 2015-09/1442405828_img-6290-kopia-.jpg 2015-09/1442405835_image3.jpg 2015-09/1442405839_image4.jpg 2015-09/1442405841_tove.jpg