Falsterbo: Scandinavian Open for 5-year olds


The great international outdoor competitions of the year is the Falsterbo Horse Show where many riders dream to be able compete and most riders visit once or many times and just enjoy the great atmosphere.

This year both Nursery students and Knytkalas members participated.

The Scandinavian Open competition for 5-year olds that started on Wednesday was the first competition of the show at the dressage arena and not less than 50 combinations had qualified for this class during spring.

In the semifinals the Knytkalas member Stefan Jansson was placed 4th on Zidney (Zuidenwind - Laurentio) with 71,790%. 6th in the class was the Knytkalas member as well as founder Jan Brink on the approved stallion RayMore (JJ RayBan - Figaro R) with 71,296%. Placed 8th was the Nursery student from the Northern region Emelie Aldenfalk & Jinx Ek (Johnson - Sandro Song) with 69,938% and 10th was Emilie Nyreröd on SpongeBob (Sir Donnerhall II - Weltmeyer) with 69,136%.

In the finals on Thursday Emilie & SpongeBob came 4th with 74,136% ahead of Jan & RayMore that were placed 5th with 71,790%. RayMore was the highest placed SWB-horse and approved stallion. Stefan & Zidney came 6th with 70,679% and Emelie & Jinx Ek were placed 10th with 67,284%.

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