Falsterbo: CDI3* Grand Prix


The next dressage competition was on Thursday, the CDI3* Grand Prix where the Knytkalas member Rose Mathisen came 2nd on the approved stallion Zuidenwind (OO Seven - Jazz) with 69,040%. Placed 8th was the Knytkalas colleague Charlotte Haid-Bondergaard & Triviant (Olivi - Saluut) with 67,060%.

10th in the class was the Young Rider Marina Mattsson from the Nursery in the Southern region, who competed the horse Beckham (Bernstein - Koncertz xx) in the senior Grand Prix with 66,540%.

In the Grand Prix Kür final on Saturday it was a 7th placement for Rose & Zuidenwind with 71,20% and placed 8th was Charlotte & Triviant with 69,70%. Just outside placement was Marina & Bechkam with 69,50%.

Image: 2015-08/1438947795_1977-catharinabrink-hi-1vt.jpg
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