Emelie Aldenfalk received the Lövsta scholarship


The Nursery student from the Northern region Emelie Aldenfalk received the Lövsta Scholarship with the following motivation:

"Emelie Aldenfalk is a young rider with an amazing talent who combines her goal to reach to the dressage elite when being at the same time studying at high school. She has participated in the Lövsta Future Challenge Dressage U25 during 2014. We would like to support her development and by giving her the Lövsta Future Challenge-scholarship she gets the opportunity to travel to Patrik Kittel for further training.”

The Lövsta scholarship is part of the Lövsta Future Challenge and was commenced last year when the Lövsta riders Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén and Caroline Darcourt won the finals at Friends and decided to give away the price money to a scholarship.

The scholarship was handed out at the LFC competitions at Falsterbo.

For more information, see here!

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