A very successful clinic at Flyinge for the Knytkalas trainer Kyra Kyrklund


Last Friday on the Swedish holiday epiphany Kyra Kyrklund, who is both on of the founders of Knytkalaset and trainer of the Knytkalas members, held a clinic at Flyinge.

In the clinic among the riders were the Knytkalas member Mia von Essen and the Nursery student Carl Hedin.

The clinic was very succesful and much appreciated and here are links for great articles from Tidningen Ridsport and two from Hippson Hippson

Image: 2017-01/1483956429_6719-catharinabrink-1vt.jpg
2017-01/1483956453_artikel-hippson-kyra-clinic-2017.jpg 2017-01/1483956454_artikel-tidningen-ridsport-kyra-clinic-2017.jpg