4 horses nominated for the World Championship for young horses


4 of the nominated horses for the World Championship for young horses in German Verden in August are ridden by Knytkalas- or Plantskole students.

The Plantskole student from the Southern region Mia Runesson from Gränsbo has two horses nominated, the 5-year old mare Odd Molly (Zuidenwind - Guinness) and the 6-year old Fling for U (Blue Hors Don Romantic – OO Seven).

The Plantskole colleague Ida-Linn Lundholm from Tullstorp is nominated with the approved 6-year old stallion Eclectisch (Zenon - Olivi) and Knytkalas member Stefan Jansson is nominated with his own breeding, the 5-year old Zidney (Zuidenwind - Laurentio).

Image: 2015-08/1438954793_img-3487-kopia-1.jpg
2015-08/1438954793_img-6479-1.jpg 2015-08/1438954806_img-3968-kopia-ren-hi-res-3-1vt-2.jpg 2015-08/1438954823_img-7447-kopia-1vt.jpg