Paulinda Friberg


Horses: Di Lapponia T born 2001 by Donnerhall - Argument and her two grandchildren Di Fantastica born 2010 by Faustinus - Toopasch and Di Fiorella by Floricello -Toopasch.

Driving force: The passion for the horses, the small advancements evry week I believe that the relation that you get with your horse is a very important factor in success. If you have a "Happy horse" then you can get far.

Goals: Olympics in i Rio. I want to continue to develop as a rider, work with the horses and be able to give every horse the best education possible.

Strength/weakness: I have always had a common thread in my education and a very good feeling for riding. I try to give every horse what it needs and that might be a weakness sometimes, but my motto is to hurry slowly and don't loose chances on the way.

Me and Knytkalaset

Results: Competed at the World Cup finals in Las Vegas in 2015 and was the reserve rider at the World Championship in Normandie in 2014 and at the European Championship in Aachen in 2015. I have educated horses from they were young up to GP.

Image: 2017-02/1486454960_5390-catharinabrink-vit-.jpg 2017-09/1506689353_1194-catharinabrink-hi-.jpg 2017-02/1486390747_6232-catharinabrink-hi-1vt.jpg 2017-02/6179-catharinabrink-hi-1vt.jpg 2017-02/img-4539.jpg