Marie Munters


Born: 1976

Horses: Meges f- 2002 (Briar-Shogun)

Results: Competed up to Grand Prix with victories and placements.

Goal: To become really good at educating horses up to Grand Prix and to get more competition experience. Eventually the goal is of course to compete for the national team and at the great championships! Even to get as many tools as possible to be able to develop as a trainer.

Driving force: To keep on developing and to learn new things of these amazing animals!

Strength and weakness as a rider: My strength is that I always try to see the benefits within all horses, that I have had the opportunity to ride many different kind of horses and that I have a lot of patience. My weakness is that I sometimes have a little too much patience.

Trains for: Besides Kyra then it is Jan Brink. Jan is also with me and coaches at competitions which is a great security.

Me and Knytkalaset

What knytkalaset gives to me: To get this opportunity to be part of Knytkalaset is to me an incredible opportunity to develop as a rider and trainer. Kyra is amazing with her way of teaching and explaining in a way that makes it easy to understand. Since I worked at Tullstorp it has been my goal and dream to sometime get to be part of Knytkalaset. It is very inspiring to meet all the other members and a great atmosphere were everybody supports each-other. It is also very useful to look at all the other riders and follow their and the horses’ development.

Competition results

Marie Munters worked for many years as a stable manager and rider at Tullstorp and for Jan Brink’s clients in Sao Paolo, Brazil. She is now working as a stable manager and rider at Hannell Dressage Stable and is still training for Jan. Marie has competed with victories and placements up to international Grand Prix.

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